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About the author and founder of ministry united

David W. Rozendal is an ordinary person, as we all are from the least to the greatest. Some can be puffed up and elevated in their hearts and minds due to their high places of influence and prestige that even the LORD our God has placed them in. This goes for both believers and non-believers. But it is better to be of a humble spirit that to enjoy the abundance of the proud. With that said David prefers to not have any titles given to him. If you must label him with a title of some sort, then you can refer to him as a certain (meaning: known for sure; established beyond doubt) messenger of the LORD our God unto this generation.

You can love and respect him or some will hate and persecute him. This is the same situation for all of us, some on a smaller scale and some on a larger one. Even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was not exempt from this condition while in this world.

David grew up in south Florida and lived near Miami until the age of 11 when he moved to the Florida Keys after his family's property was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. David had a wonderful and joyful childhood and upbringing surrounded by lots of friends and family. However, at this time David never really had true faith and salvation in God through Jesus Christ, although he knew from a young boy who Jesus Christ was. In high school David had somewhat of a rebellious spirit, he wanted to go out and party with his friends and have "fun". David was your rather typical popular high school boy, that was just wanting to "enjoy life" with his friends.

However, during the last half of his high school year, David began to question what the purpose of life was. He started questioning some of his past behaviors and ways of thinking. He was determined to find out what the purpose of life was; and to his own delight he proclaims to have done so!

During David's first years of college, he began to become depressed and miserable. He was living like the world, going to parties and doing what all the other students were doing, put he didn't feel like he belonged in those situations or around those people anymore. He was seeking a sign and some sort of communication from God, but he didn't know how. Then after his first year of college, during the summer of 2001, the Lord revealed Himself to David by the Holy Spirit. This is when the Spirit of the Lord said to him: "Do not worry you are going to be successful." As is written in the book "To the Churches".

More about this true story and experience are mentioned in further detail in the book

"To the Churches: For we are all one in Christ"

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